Angular Component Development Kit (CDK)

Read full article here on aisoftwarellc blog   Hello everyone, First of all, let me start with the angular material. I think you all might be aware of the angular material, isn’t it? If not it is a library offered by an angular team for reach user interface. The aim of building the angular material… Continue reading Angular Component Development Kit (CDK)


Creating Reusable Web Component and using it with Angular

Hello , In this post I want to talk about the web components(Reusable) and why they are very useful to the organization, especially for large organization. Mostly many large organization often consolidate their front end code to pattern library to ensure the consistency. Pattern library are extremely useful when company grows and spilt into multiple teams… Continue reading Creating Reusable Web Component and using it with Angular

Cloud Fire Store CRUD Operation Using Angular

What is cloud Firestore? Cloud Firestore is a NoSql Document database built for automatic scaling,high performance,Real time,and ease of application development.Unlike a sql database, there are no table or rows. Instead, you store data in documents,which organized into collection. (Source & Image Credit Google Cloud Platform) All documents must be stored in collections. Documents can contain subcollections and… Continue reading Cloud Fire Store CRUD Operation Using Angular

Creating My First ChatBot Using Angular(5.0) And Dialogflow (API.AI)

First, let me tell you why you should require Chat Bots? Is it really helpful? and who are building bots etc.. Anyone who has ever tried to contact a company through customer care center might know how slow and frustrating process it is. You remember that audio tape “press 1 for this, press 2 for… Continue reading Creating My First ChatBot Using Angular(5.0) And Dialogflow (API.AI)

Angular 5.0(pentagonal-donut) is released today!!!

Hello every one, I hope you guys had good diwali time with family and friends this year, and while we were celebrating diwali ,Angular team was busy in delivering release of Angular 5.0(pentagonal-donut) to give us diwali bonus..!!! But don’t worry about the new changes of angular 5. Even though they are calling it “major… Continue reading Angular 5.0(pentagonal-donut) is released today!!!

Bing Emotion API-Cognitive Services-part3

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Bing Emotion API ,In our previous example of cognitive demo we had combine two cognitive services Bing Speech API and Bing Emotion API using that we are finding images using speech  to text(STT). To Extend this demo we will be using Bing Emotion API which will… Continue reading Bing Emotion API-Cognitive Services-part3