Getting started with angular 2 with Command Line Interface (cli) in just 4 Easy Steps

What is Angular 2?

Angular 2 is framework for Creating  Single Page Application(Spa). angular2 is made up of component and directives  and re usability of component made angular2  more popular. Component is basically made up of template, metadata and class.  The second Key difference between angular 1 and angular 2 is angular 2 is written in type script so it make angular2 strictly typed language. By default it doesn’t support the two way binding of data so it makes it more faster than previous version of angular. Third advantage is after doing changes just save the page and browser updates the changes automatically . Isn’t it cool? There is lot to talk about the changes in angular2 and angular1 but here I am showing you how to getting started with angular2 using command line interface and start writing your first application. For more comparison between angular2 and angular you can simply visit the following URL:

Steps for getting started with angular2 command line interface(cli)

Step 1: Install nodejs  from

Screenshot (35)

After installing nodejs then open command prompt on your machine or mac user open terminal.we required nodejs for hosting the angular to application locally.

Step 2: Installing angular-cli to Your Machine use –g to use it globally on your machine

Windows user

npm install –g  @angular/cli

Mac User

Sudo npm install –g @angular/cli

Note: -g stands for global


Step 3:  Now Creating new Angular Application. In your command prompt navigate to directory in which you want to create the application. Then write the following code and press enter.

  ng new  myfirst-app (don’t use underscore sometime it creates problem)

 creating ng2app

  Step 4:  Now to host your application in local host we need to host the application you just created, For that run following command.

ng serve

Screenshot (42)

Good to go your first application is now created and ready for simply go to your browser and paste the URL


Screenshot (43)

Now the browser will get angular2 directives and your first page will be loaded as following.

Screenshot (44)

In Summary

Hi, Readers, this was one of my first involvement in Blog writing & Publishing to Website So If there is any mistakes or error regarding typo and content please excuse me.

Well this was the end of first demo of getting started with angular2 in just few simple steps. Hope it will help you in future and also you can give us your feedback and stay connected for more update on angular2 demos. Here by, I am starting the new series of angular2 demo. In my next article I will show you how to bind data with angular directives, events, routing, and directives and so on. Stay tuned for more updates and yes let’s do it angular2 MY WAY. I would be feeling more energetic & motivated if I get some feedback from the readers (so called future coders)  so, Guys please give the feedback. Cheers!!!!


8 thoughts on “Getting started with angular 2 with Command Line Interface (cli) in just 4 Easy Steps

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