Recap of Angular 2 Workshop At R.K.University-Rajkoat


To start with, I thank Nirav Bhatt  and Amit Lathigara  (R.K.University) for giving all the support and arrangements required for the workshop at R.K.University, Rajkot.

On 30th Sep, I Delivered Angular 2 to the students of C.E./I.T./MCA. Though the attendance for the event was of around 80-100 student.


It continued around six hours &  following topics were covered,

  • Setting up development environment in VS Code
  • Understanding Bootstrapping
  • Understanding Modules
  • Understanding Components
  • Creating first component
  • Creating nesting components
  • All bindings like -String Interpolation,method binding,property binding & two way binding
  • Created simple calculator using two way binding
  • Discusses Pipes (Inbuilt and custom )
  • Bootstrap

All the students were very much involved.I had used angular 2 CLI to demonstrate.


I was very motivated and inspired to do better, by seeing participation and passion of the Students. I must thank each and every students and faculty members for all the support..


Last but not least I would like to thank below mentioned people for their support.

Dhananjay KumarBhavin Trivedi 


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