how to host rest api on heroku server using command line?

A warm welcome to All  Readers,

This Blog is about “how you can host your rest api created using mysql and node.js

Heroku is a platform which will allow us to host maximum 5 applications without any charges  and it is very simple to deploy and scale our node.js application to heroku server..In this demo,i am using command line to deploy the application on heroku server.

follow the steps as shown below.

1)download and install heroku toolbelt from

2)initialize the project as a git directory using following command

git initgit init.png

3)Login using your Heroku account

heroku login


4)create heroku application on server using following command

heroku create name of the application


5)Dont’t forget to add .gitignore file to your directory.


5)push your application to heroku  server by following just 3 steps from your command line.

1)git add .

git add.png

2)git commit -m “initial commit”


3)git push heroku master

Screenshot (40).pngScreenshot (41).pngherokupush.pngonserveronserver1.png



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