Recap of Angular 2 Workshop At Vittor Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd




It was on 12-november-2016,we started at around 10 in morning and ended at around 6 in evening..During this this 8 hours i had covered following topics

  • Setting up development environment in VS Code
  • Understanding Bootstrapping
  • Understanding Modules
  • Understanding Components
  • Creating first component
  • Created Directives both inbuilt and custom
  • All bindings like -String Interpolation,method binding,property binding ,two way binding,template binding
  • Created simple calculator using two way binding
  • Routing
  • Discusses Pipes (Inbuilt and custom )
  • Created Services (map,subscribe,observable)
  • Crud Operation(Create,Read,Update,Delete) etc..

The team member of Vittor cloud technologies pvt ltd were very very enthusiastic to learn Angular 2 and i was very much motivated by their dedication and efforts for learning Angular 2.

and finally when i receive the appreciation letter from hr i was like …. very very happy and satisfied with my efforts


Last but not least i want to thanks Mr.Vishal Patel for providing me  such an opportunity..

and also to my friend and guru

Dhananjay KumarBhavin Trivedi



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