Angular 5.0(pentagonal-donut) is released today!!!

Hello every one,
I hope you guys had good diwali time with family and friends this year, and while we were celebrating diwali ,Angular team was busy in delivering release of Angular 5.0(pentagonal-donut) to give us diwali bonus..!!! But don’t worry about the new changes of angular 5.
Even though they are calling it “major release” Angular 5 doesn’t introduce any breaking changes or any new major changes. The only new feature is about HttpClient which was already there in angulr 4.x so your old setup for angular 4.x will still work with angular 5.x , you should not worry about new updates and you can easily upgrade to angular 5.0 by simple update to your angular-cli as shown following.
• npm uninstall -g @angular/cli (first uninstall the old cli)
• npm install -g @angular/cli (then update the new cli)

Okay Jinal, We understood what you said, but then why they called it as “major release”?

• Because it changes and optimizes a lot of things behind the scenes and leads to faster and smaller Angular apps => That’s a major enhancement. Additionally, the new HttpClient now is out of beta.
More features are as following
1. Build Optimizer
2. Typrescript Transforms
3. Preserve whitespace
4. Imporoved decorator support
5. Updates on number, date and currency pipes
6. Angular forms add updateOnBlur/submit
7. New Router lifecycle events
You can find detail update on new release here.
Will post the new updates demo very soon, stay tuned for next updates.


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