Angular Component Development Kit (CDK)

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Hello everyone,

First of all, let me start with the angular material. I think you all might be aware of the angular material, isn’t it? If not it is a library offered by an angular team for reach user interface. The aim of building the angular material library was to build high-quality UI components, obviously build on Angular and based on Google’s material design. It offers a wide range of components like datepicker, autocomplete, tabs, spinner, date table, side menu, popups, model, snackbar and many more. Isn’t it great?

But what if your project requirement doesn’t want to follow angular material UI Principal or styles (i.e. they had their own UI, UX principle to develop the screens)?

To answer this question Angular Team has developed CDK(Component Development Kit), the aim behind CDK was to provide developers more tools to build awesome component for the web. CDK allows us to use features of angular material without adopting the material design visual language. The angular team had noticed something in common while developing some UI Component like Date Picker, Autocomplete Box, Menu, Snack Bar and etc is they all floating panel to open on the screen while the component is active. Same way for tabs and stepper they found it changes view or content dynamically. So the team had made some common API available, say for example if you want to design your own floating component you can make it by simply using overlay package. CDK comes with many packages; few of them are as follows,


Read full article here on aisoftwarellc blog

One thought on “Angular Component Development Kit (CDK)

  1. Hi Jinal,
    I need to develop one dual list box by using angular 6 @Input/@Output. Means we can send and vice versa some elements between two components, by using arrow button.Can you help me for that?


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